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The countdown is over – and Neon Ghost says Hello to the world with the release of the first and self-titled track. The music we make can generally be characterized as Electro Pop, carried by harmonic melodies from synthesizers well mixed with a wide base of guitars that stay in the ear from the first note. Backing the whole thing up with some smart bass figures and driving electronic drum beats, we create a sphere of electronic sounds with catchy vocals binding all together in the end. It is mainly them that set us apart and contribute to our unconventional, haunting melodies. Try for yourself and listen below!
Stay haunted. There is still more to come.

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These are the faces you should remember when thinking of Neon Ghost. We are four guys in the mid-20’s resident in the cities of Straubing and Munich. Most of us have been making music together for seven years now. Equipped with two guitars, bass and a new cast for the drum section we formed the band Neon Ghost in 2013. Our self-composed tracks intend to be more than these instruments playing songs together, having a strong focus on additional synthesizers and vocal harmonies. The results are danceable, haunting and modern pop songs.

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